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  • Product Advantages

Product Advantages

50 design patents, 20 own trademarks, unique design allows you to stand out in the industry.

Technical Advantages

Sohigh Solar has many years of industry service experience, a technical team composed of many senior technical engineers, and a strong technical force to back you up.

3D solar system simulation

More professionally display the connection of solar panels, batteries and inverters, and more realistically simulate the application scenario of PV.

2000026 More professional solar solution guidance

  • Tell us about your home appliance project and we will calculate the total power required to provide you with the most reasonable solar solution.

  • Tell us the daily use time and quantity of each electrical appliance, and combine their power to calculate the power consumption.

  • Tell us your requirements, we can design and customize the most scientific and efficient solar energy solutions for you to solve your power consumption problems.

Competitive & Value-added Services

More brand promotional data are provided to you

1.Product Catalog

Allow your customers to browse more solar products at any time

2.Product Datasheet

More detailed specifications to enhance your professionalism

3.More branding materials, such as engineering uniforms, helmets, posters, etc.


Become a Sohigh Solar partner/distributor and you will be part of something big. We have the products and support you need to be successful. As an industry leader, we earn the trust of our partners by helping them understand how to best serve their customers. Become a partner/reseller today and serve your customers with industry-leading products.

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