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Solar Gel Battery 12V 210AH

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Model Sohigh BAT-210AH-F
Brand Sohigh Solar
Voltage(V) 12V
Product Origin Guangzhou,China
Capacity 210AH
Product DetailParameterDatasheet

Summary for front terminal slim battery

This battery is designed and sold to Europe , that's why the size is slim and save space. But the material inside is longer and larger which is higher performance and longer lifespan than normal battery . It's was call European battery ,Slim battery or Front terminal battery .

The best technology of battery is 2V battery which could withstand greater charging and discharge current.

and the material of Slim Battery ( Front Terminal Battery ) is like 2V battery . that's why it's excellent and cost more.

As a well renowned front access lead acid battery manufacturer in China, Sohigh Solar offers the widest selection of front access AGM batteries and GEL VRLA batteries. The gel technology has numerous superiorities over the equivalent AGM battery range, especially for telecommunication applications.

The FL type front terminal battery comes with long lasting design life and front access connections for fast, easy installation and maintenance, and is ideally suitable for telecom outdoor equipment, renewable energy systems and other severe environments.


Sohigh BAT-210AH-F

Cells Per Unit




Terminal Type



210Ah@10hr-rate to

1.80V per cell @25℃

Max.Discharge Current

2000A(5 sec)

Internal Resistance

Approx. 3.8m Ω

Recommended Maximum Charging


Operating Temperature range

Discharge:-20℃~60℃,Charge:0℃~50℃ Storage:-20℃~60℃

Normal Operating Temperature Range


Float charging Voltage

13.6 to 13.8V DC/unit Average at 25℃

Equalization and Cycle service

14.4 to 14.6V DC/unit Average at 25℃

Designed floating life(20℃)

12 years

Self Discharge

Gel batteries can be stored for more than 6 months at 25℃

Self-discharge ratio less than 3% per month at

12V Front Terminal Battery Datasheet-Sohigh Solar.pdf

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