MPPT Solar Charger Controller 100A

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Model Sohigh MCB-100A
Brand Sohigh Solar
Voltage(V) 12/24/36/48V
Product Origin Guangzhou,China
Capacity 100A
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Sohigh Solar MCB 100A intelligent 100a mppt solar charge controller 12v 24v 36v 48v tracks the maximum power point of a PV array to deliver the maximum available current for charging batteries.

Innovative MPPT technology with high tracking efficiency up to 99% and peak conversion efficiency of 97%. Touch LCD screen and LED indicators for displaying system operation information, customizable parameters, and error codes.

It protects the battery from becoming over-charged by the solar modules and over-discharged by the loads. By constantly monitoring the voltage and current output of your solar (PV) panels, MPPT technology ensures that every drop of available power is rinsed out of your panels, and harvested for storage.

It is widely used in many fields such as RVs, communication base stations, household systems and field monitoring.

Feature of the MPPT solar charger controller

100 AMP MPPT Solar Charge Controller Features

Compatible for PV systems in 12V / 24V /36V/ 48V Auto.

MPPT tracking efficiency up to 99%.

Touch LCD screen and LED indicators for operation information, customizable parameters, and error codes.

Three-stage charging optimizes battery performance.

Deep Cycle Sealed, Gel, Flooded, and Lithium battery option ready.

Automatic battery voltage detection.

User programmable for Absorption voltage/Floating voltage/Low voltage disconnect.

Ability to output in parallel to power DC loads.

Over-temperature protection.

Die-cast aluminum design allows for efficient heat dissipation.

Model :

Sohigh MCB-80A

Sohigh MCB-100A

Rated Charge Current



Charging mode*

MPPT automatic maximum power point tracking

Charging method

Three stages : Constant current charging(MPPT),Equalizing charging, float charging

System Rated Voltage

12/24/36/48 V Auto Rocognized

System identification voltage range

12V system: DC 9V-DC15V

24V system: DC18V-DC30V

36V system: DC27V-DC45V

48V system: DC36V-DC60V

MPPT Working voltage range

12V system: DC18V-DC80V

24V system: DC30V-DC100V

36V system: DC40V-DC100V

48V system: DC65V-DC150V

Quiescent dissipation


Overall Unit efficiency


Photovoltic module utilization ratio


Temperature compensation coefficient


Operating Temperature

‘-20℃~+55℃(to run at full rated current continuously)

Storage Temperature


Protection Class


Grounded type

Positive grounded

Battery Type

GEL,SLD,FLD and Usr (default)

Light control voltage


Man-machine interface

LCD,2 Buttons

Static loss

≤9.2mA/12V , ≤11.7mA/24V

Charge loop voltage drop


Discharge loop voltage drop


Aperture for installation


Optional function

Remote communication, TTL, Standard Modbus protocol

MPPT Solar Charger Controller Datasheet-Sohigh Solar .pdf

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