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Lifepo4 Battery 12V 100AH

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Model Sohigh LiBAT-100AH-12V
Brand Sohigh Solar
Voltage(V) 12V
Product Origin Guangzhou,China
Capacity 100A
Material Lithium ion
Product DetailParameterDatasheet

About the 12.8V 100AH lifepo4 battery

Choosing the right LiFePO4 battery is essential to optimize performance for your camping, RV, or backup application. Sohigh Solar 12.8V 100AH lithium ion battery is the one that rarely fails to meet your expectations. Built using A grade cells that deliver a higher energy density and voltage capacity than lead acid batteries, this lithium LiFePO4 battery stores 2~3 times the energy of AGM batteries of similar size and weight. It is the perfect accompaniment for any camping trip and provide a reliable energy source for camping fridges, 12V lights and other devices. Using this Sohigh Solar LiFePO4 battery is arguably the safest way to power your camping trip. Since it is designed to also withstand any damage without exploding, keeping your trip safe.

Features of the 12.8V 100AH lifepo4 battery

A Grade Cell: This battery is composed of A grade cells, and the terminals of the cells are bolted that deliver higher amperage loads and better current conductivity.

Longer Lifespan: This LiFePO4 battery can deliver up to 2,000 rounds — several times the life of a lead-acid counterparts.

Higher Usable Capacity: AGM are recommended to be discharged to 50% of the capacity while ATEM POWER LiFePO4 batteries can be discharged to 80-90%.

High Power Output: It has been designed to allow sufficient discharge amp rating to power high power appliances such as a microwave or coffee machine.

Run in Parallel or Series: Designed to allow for up to 2 batteries in series or 2 batteries in parallel to achieve desired voltage and amp-hour capacity of the bank.

Faster Charging: Lower internal resistance allows this lithium battery to accept charge at a greater rate, allowing it to be charged and ready to use much faster.

Low Self-Discharge: This lithium LiFePO4 battery has a low self discharge rate, meaning it can be left standing for months and not run out of juice.

Impeccably Lightweight: It provides 100AH that doubles the power of a lead acid battery with 1/3rd of that weight when towing or mobility is in the consideration.

Safe & Smooth: This LiFePO4 battery is thermal stable and eliminates the risk of explosion and can operate efficiently at a temperature range of -20℃~70℃.

Electrical Characteristics

Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity




Internal Resistance


Cycle Life

>3500 cycles @1C 100%DOD

Months Self Discharge


Efficiency of Charge

100% @0.2C

Efficiency of Discharge

96~99% @1C

Standard Charge

Charge Voltage


Charge Mode

0.2C to 14.6V, then 14.6,charge current 0.02C(CC/CV)

Charger Current


Max. Charge Current


Charge Cut-Off Voltage


Standard Discharge

Continuous Current


Max. Pulse Current


Discharge Cut-off Voltage



Charge Temperature

0 ℃ to 45 ℃ (32F to 113F) @60±25% Relative Humidity

Discharge Temperature

-20 ℃ to 60 ℃ (-4F to 140F) @60±25% Relative Humidity

Storage Temperature

0 ℃ to 40 ℃ (32F to 104F) @60±25% Relative Humidity

LiFePO4 Battery Datasheet-Sohigh Solar.pdf

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