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Solar Mono Panel 360W

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Power(W) 360W
Model Sohigh SP-360M
Brand Sohigh Solar
Product Origin Guangzhou,China
Capacity 360W
Material Mono
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About Sohigh SP-360 M solar panel

The Sohigh Solar monocrystalline 360W solar panel is ideal for solar self consumption and industrial installations, are panels of high quality and resistance, manufactured in monocrystalline silicon. The Sohigh Solar 360W solar panel is the pinnacle of solar power generation, the Sohigh SP-360M is the main module of Sohigh Solar and offers unparalleled performance in adverse environmental conditions.

The Sohigh SP-360 M is one of the solar panels of high efficiency of the market, of attractive and innovative design with a power of 365Wp in 60 cells. In addition to improving the linear guarantee of solar modules.

Features of the Sohigh SP-360 M 60cel solar panel

Performance guarantee

The Sohigh SP-360 M solar panel It has a wide performance guarantee. Sohigh applies a performance guarantee of 88.4% after 25 years and 25 years of production

High power supply

The monocrystalline Sohigh SP 360 M solar panel improves the solar installation considerably increasing the efficiency. That is why its use and application in small spaces with the aim of making the most of the area for the installation of solar panels

Attractive roofs

When developing the Sohigh Solar modules, the design was taken into account, thanks to the absence of electrodes on the front of the cell, an attractive appearance is achieved that can increase the value of your property, generating a futuristic image and Vanguard.

Extraordinary durability

The Sohigh SP-360 M photovoltaic solar panel has a reinforced frame structure in special silver-plated adonized aluminum, capable of supporting up to 6000Pa and a suction of up to 5400PA.

Better performance on sunny days

The high-performance Sohigh SP-360 Msolar panel, thanks to the improved temperature coefficients, has been optimized on sunny days, making its performance on cloudy, low-light days very little compared to conventional 60-cel polycrystalline solar panels.


Sohigh SP-360M



Maximum Power Pmax (W)


Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp/V)


Maximum Power Current (Imp/A)


Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V)


Short Circuit Current (Isc/A)


Module Efficiency (%)


Power Tolerance (W)

0 ~ +5W

Temperature Coefficient of Isc (αIsc)


Temperature Coefficient of Voc (βVoc)


Temperature Coefficient of Pmax (γPmp)



Irradiance 1000W/㎡, Cell Temperature 25℃ , Air Mass 1.5

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