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Portabel Mobile Phone Charge Station

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Power(W) 335W
Model Sohigh MCS-1
Brand Sohigh Solar
Product Origin Guangzhou,China
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Portable Power Mobile Phone Charging Station- Bring the Electricity with you

Product Features:

Highly Portable Power Supply

Within the high energy density lithium battery, Mobile charging station encases an incredible 333/555watt-hours of power to charge or power all kinds of cellphone , 5V power supply equipment.

Multi-Device Charging & Powering

40 USB ports, two of them are powered by fast-charging QC3.0 technology, Meet the needs of a large number of mobile phones, tablets and cameras charging at the same time.

Solar Generator with PWM Controller

When paired with a solar panel, Can be your powerful solar charger. Equipped with a GX16 Aviation socket, Product is able to convert and store clean solar energy. With built-in PWM controller, it adapts to optimal voltage levels to recharge itself with sunlight. AC adapter power supply is also supported for charging.



MCS-1 Pro

Battery type

Li-ion Battery 11.1V40Ah

Li-ion Battery 11.1V 70Ah

Lifecycle > 800times

Lifecycle > 800times


Battery type

Smart PMW controller

Maximum input current 12A

Maximum input current 12A


Solar Panel DC 15V~18V/12A max , Maximum support for 210W solar panel

Solar Panel DC 15V~18V/12A max,Maximum support for 210W solar panel

AC Power Adapter charging 100~240V

AC Power Adapter charging 100~240V


38 * USB 5V/1A and 2 QC3.0

38 * USB 5V/1A and 2 QC3.0

3 * DC 12V/8A

3 * DC 12V/8A

Operation Temperature

-10℃~ 40℃


a.Short-circuit protection

b.Over-current protection

c.Over-voltage protection

d.Low-voltage protection

e.Over-load Protection

f.Over-temperature protection




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undefined   Email: sohigh@sohighsolar.com
undefined   Tel/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-136-6893-6561
undefined   Address:Room 2801, Room 2802-2, Block B,Tianxiu Building,Guangzhou,Guangdong


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