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60W Solar Street Lights

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Model Sohigh SL-6060
Brand Sohigh Solar
Product Origin Guangzhou,China
Material Aluminium+Glass
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Description Solar Street Lights

Solar powered street lights are ideal for lighting the areas in remote locations where the grid power is unavailable or irregular. Urban areas too can use these systems to reduce dependency on conventional grid power and contribute towards sustainability. Sohigh Solar LED Street Lights provide reliable, independent and clean source of energy for street lighting applications. Dusk to Dawn operations, robust design along with sufficient battery backup makes it suitable to operate at all locations. The efficiency and durability of Solar street lighting system make them ideal for both off-grid and on-grid locations.

This is an all-weather street light which you can use during all seasons. The IP65 waterproof class is among the aspects that allow it to remain functional even during the wet seasons without any of the components being affected by wetness.

Solar LED Street Light is a fully solar powered lighting solution used in urban roads, building surroundings, parks, squares, airports and gas stations. LED luminaire on the system is designed with high light output. The aluminum body helps to effectively cool the lighting fixture. The entire system is suitable for working in outdoor conditions, resistant to water, dust, and moisture. Lighting fixture, battery, solar panel, charge control unit and connection equipments are located on the system. Light can be produced at any color temperature according to the lighting needs.


These versions are designed with an IP65 waterproof rating, and they can also resist surge and dust. The kit contains the installation accessories set. You can effortlessly mount them on a tree, pole, balcony, wall, or any desired outdoor spot. These solar powered street lamps can be instantly mounted as long as there is a wall or a pole.

Furthermore, there is no need to handle wiring jobs, and these units only require minimal maintenance. You can readily utilize them so long as they are fully recharged by the sunlight.

Regardless of the weather condition, these solar lights can work well since they have a built-in lithium rechargeable battery pack with huge capacity. So, no worries about their run time as they could last quite long.

These lights work reliably as long as it is dark, so you don’t need to do the job of switching the street lights on manually. Such versions can help you save more on your energy bills. Lighting your pathway and other outdoor spaces does not need to be costly.


Solar street lights are very practical for providing a dependable bright illumination on the streets and pathways at sundown. Moreover, these fixtures provide extra security and help in inhibiting unwanted accidents.

In general, LED light products are useful because they provide homeowners with additional convenience when going in and around outdoor spaces at sunset. Indeed, the brightness they offer is not merely meant for security but also for beautifying the surroundings.


Sohigh SL-6060



Solar Panel


Lithium Battery


Led Chip


Install Height

4-6 meters

Working mode

Switch/remote control/light control

Luminous Flux

140lm ~160lm

Working mode


Life time

≥3 years

Working time

11-13 hours/day

Rainy days

3-7 days

Solar Charging time

5-7 hours

Working temp

‘-30°~ 60°



Dimension, D x W x H (mm)


Weight (kg)


Solar Street Light Datasheet-Sohigh Solar.pdf

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