The Power of Solar
To deliver responsible and sustainable solar power to our world;
Accelerating economic development for the benefit of local communities;
environmental protection and energy conservation.
Why choose solar?
Solar energy is a sustainable, reliable and economical renewable energy source;
our projects provide opportunities to create additional land use with local benefits.
Resilient / Reliable / Predictable
As a locally produced, sustainable and safe form of electricity, this passive technology plays an important role in the world developing solutions to climate change.
Cost-effective & stable
These advantages of solar energy, combined with its affordability and reliability during peak electricity demand periods, make it an ideal clean energy source for today's world.
Harnessing land for power,
nature and food
Each solar panel farm is designed with lots of wide open space. This means they offer manyopportunities for multi-use land management.
The Changing Energy Landscape
The energy landscape is changing. At Sohigh Solar, we believe that renewable energy is the future. And that future is the present. As a global leader, we've been driving solar power forward for the past decade, and we won't be stopping anytime soon. Business as usual cannot continue if the world is to tackle climate change while meeting rising demand for electricity. We need a rapid transition from conventional to renewable energy on a massive scale.
Take Into Account The Local Community
Benefit local communities and strengthen rural economies.
● Long-term cooperation
As a responsible solar developer, it is important to us to be good stewards of the land and long-term partners to the local community. Many of the solar farms we are involved with have long lifespans.
● Benefit the community
Light Source Power works with different stakeholders when building our solar projects to ensure they benefit local communities - not just by generating sustainable electricity, but also by supporting local ecosystems.
Promotion of the economy
The purpose of solar projects on the farms we participate in is to improve soil health, boost biodiversity, and strengthen rural economies. From ecological assessments to community engagement, we do our best to create solar farms that local communities can be proud of.
Benefits Of Solar Power
Solar energy grows the economy in many areas for the benefit of all; Solar energy is easy to install and maintain, saving labor and physics.
Solid Financial Return
Utility-scale solar provides predictable, long-term
financial returns.
Empowering Local Economies
Solar farms create local jobs, contribute property
tax revenue, and provide landowners with a
reliable income to supplement farm income.
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar energy is the cheapest form of electricity in history.
Low Noise Or Visual Impact
The solar array is only 2.75 meters high, does not emit any noise beyond the site boundaries, and requires minimal maintenance.
Sustainable Energy
Solar power can help advance low-carbon energy and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
Encourage Wildlife And Biodiversity
Through environmental impact assessment and land management, solar farm designs can enhance habitat and increase biodiversity.

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