Solar Battery Backup Installation

A comprehensive home battery system is no longer a thing of the future.

One of the most exciting advances in solar technology is the advent of streamlined, high-capacity battery storage systems. In the past, solar customers who wanted any type of storage capacity had to rely on complex battery networks designed for automotive or marine applications. Now, thanks to the rapid pace of innovation, the storage potential of batteries has increased dramatically, while their size and cost have decreased.

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Install Solar Battery Backup for Your Home

Whether you want to add a home solar battery system to your solar panel or install a new solar power system with home solar batteries, Sohigh Solar can help. We are proud to help customers gain their energy independence through solar and home batteries.

The lifespan of a home solar battery depends on how many solar batteries you have in your home solar system and their kWh capacity. Sohigh Solar will discuss your energy needs with you and recommend the right solar battery system for your home, whether you want to maintain power for base loads like air conditioners and refrigerators during a power outage, or provide enough backup power for your entire home.

Solar Batteries Store Solar Energy for Later Use

During the day, solar panels typically generate more electricity than the average homeowner uses. So, what to do with the excess? In traditional grid-connected solar power systems, it is either wasted or sent to the grid. Solar batteries allow you to store this energy in your home, creating a solar reserve that you can use at night or on cloudy days.

Solar batteries can also keep your solar panel running during a power outage. If there is no solar battery, all grid-connected solar systems will automatically shut down when the grid fails. This is to protect utility workers who may be repairing power lines. However, if you have a solar battery, your system will be temporarily disconnected from the grid during an outage, and if your system is able to switch to island or off-grid mode, you will be able to continue generating and storing electricity.

Solar Batteries Backup Solution Benefit

-Use more of the electricity generated by your solar panels

-Keep your lights on during a power outage or Public Safety Power Shutoff

- Load shifting to avoid demand response fees and time-of-use charges

- Become more grid independent

- Protect yourself from rising electricity bills

Sohigh Solar can provide solar batteries for homes and businesses. We install high end home solar battery storage products. We'll help you choose the best solar battery system for your home.

How does an energy storage battery system work?

Since the sun doesn't shine 24/7, 365 days a year, at night and during extended periods of inclement weather, even if you have solar panels, you'll still need an extra power source. Adding battery storage to your solar system can give you unprecedented levels of energy independence.

During the day, the electricity obtained from the sun can be used immediately. And any excess electricity can now be kept directly in your home. In this way, the power obtained during the day can be maintained into the evening and early morning, even for several days in a row.

Exclusive option only available at Sohigh Solar

Whether you want a backup power system or dream of going completely off the grid, Sohigh Solar has an energy storage solution for you.

With the technological upgrade of our energy storage batteries, this means you get a fully evolved, tested and vetted platform. At Sohigh Solar, we are able to provide our residential and commercial customers with batteries that exactly match the size and capacity of their solar systems.

Solar Battery Systems: Is It Worth the Money?

The price of these excellent batteries has come down considerably in recent years, but there is still an added cost to adding one to your solar system. But with financing and rebates available, our clients find it worth the expense. Nothing beats the convenience and peace of mind of knowing you can enjoy the benefits of solar production at your home or business at any time.

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