Our Mission
Building a lower-cost, more reliable and increasingly sustainable energy environment - benefitting our employees, customers, communities and the planet.
People First
Our philosophy is always people-oriented. In terms of personnel management, we strictly require their technical capabilities while caring for their career growth and development; in terms of social responsibility, we do this by being the country we serve. Our mission is to revolutionize energy with simple, powerful solutions. We believe that every home, business and community can be part of the energy revolution - and we're here to turn that belief into reality.
Develop Agricultural Photovoltaic Industry
We are a business with regenerative goals. We are committed to including supporting healthy land dual-use practices where possible, even in the absence of market incentives to do so.
Community Centered
We are committed to partnering with Aboriginal communities, taking their views and the history of the land into account in our development practices.
We Dare TO DO IT
Since our founding in 2005, we have been driving meaningful growth in the industry. We've helped the industry solve fundamental challenges, pioneering practices like community solar and scaled dual-use solar, and bringing that ethos to stand-alone storage project development.
Intersection and Transformation
We believe we cannot solve the climate crisis without addressing the impact of the energy industry on marginalized communities and are committed to expanding the use of renewable energy. We are accountable to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion through our Social Impact Council. We know we are not perfect, but strive to continue to improve through learning.
Our Team
We are a passionate team committed to creating a better future for the planet.
What is it like to join the Sohigh Solar team?
We show up every day with a serious mission, but we can't achieve our goals without teamwork, friendly competition and just plain fun!
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