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Ready to switch to solar and start saving money? The solar company specializes in improving ROI for many types of businesses, including car dealerships, condominiums, warehouses, and solar fields. If you're ready to turn your energy spending into energy savings, get in touch with our team of experts. We can start working on the consultation phase and provide you with a free quote for solar panel installation today. Our team is also available to answer any questions you may have about the process from start to finish.
Solar Farm Installation
Ground solar farms are a great solution when land is available to generate renewable energy.
Sohigh Solar can provide design services for solar farms and large ground-mounted solar panel installations. Our team has extensive experience in large-scale renewable energy projects in remote and inhospitable locations.
To increase our efficiency, we utilize our in-house departments in solar design, metal fabrication and construction to support your project needs. Our single-source approach allows us to simplify the solar farm installation process without compromising quality and safety, while delivering best-in-class renewable energy solutions on time and within budget.
Benefits of Solar Power Stations
Tax benefits available
Generate income from unused or undeveloped land
Increased property value
Minimal disturbance to the environment
Reduce electricity bills
Reduce carbon footprint
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