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If you're looking for a commercial solar company, you can trust Sohigh Solar to meet all of your business' energy needs. We are able to provide clean, sustainable electricity through our reliable solar systems.

There are two main benefits to switching to solar for your business. First, you'll see the financial benefits on your bank statement, as you'll save thousands of dollars annually in energy costs alone. Also, using solar power makes a positive public statement that you are a responsible company that cares about the environment.

Your switch to renewable energy will increase profitability and improve your business' public image. It's a real win-win.

Environmental benefits

We all know that fossil fuels are an energy source that is being consumed. Not only that, but they are already putting an intolerable strain on our environment that cannot be ignored. Like you, we are an environmentally conscious business that cares about preserving the beautiful ecosystems around us. Switching to solar power shows your customers that your business is environmentally friendly, so they can feel comfortable spending money with you.

Choose Sohigh Solar?


Why choose Sohigh Solar when there are so many commercial solar companies vying for your business? There are several reasons.

  • Experience. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, we are capable of building a solar system that exceeds your expectations.

  • Products and partners. We choose industry-leading products for their durability and outstanding performance, so you can be confident your solar panel system will last for decades.

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Our engineers will not only provide you with a perfect quote but also help you with their technical expertise so partner with Sohigh Solar to build better & more efficient solar projects.

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