Professional and experienced management, best bill of materials and highest quality standards make Sohigh Solar manufacturing brand what we call "High Quantity, High Value". As an international company, we have offices and branches all over the world, while all our products uphold this philosophy - an uncompromising commitment to the quality of products and services, attention to all details.
With the continuous increase of annual output and the expansion of the market, our decision makers are also building new factories and increasing production lines to meet the needs of the market.
Solar Panel Production Line
Solar Battery Production Line

Automation helps us to provide precise assembly, avoid defects and reduce costs by speeding up the process to achieve the right price and quality ratio. All production lines are controlled by centralized software, and each robot and machine is able to detect and report any faults online, so our engineers and operators can react immediately. The manufacturing building is equipped with complete temperature, humidity and dust control equipment.


Areas of storage, warehouses, offices and other facilities are separated and segregated from manufacturing rooms for optimum quality performance. Quality inspection is carried out at the end of each assembly stage to ensure internal defects such as microcracks, black spots, hybrid cells of different efficiencies, processing defects, insufficient welding, internal foreign objects, cell gaps, corner defects, breakage, scratches, Ribbon misalignment etc. will not be passed on to the next stage. Our test stations are AAA+ compliant, and labeling of output after final flash testing and sorting is done to positive tolerances only.


All production facilities, production processes and products are revised, tested, certified and approved by certification bodies to meet the most stringent international standards of quality, management systems, safety and industrial standards in order to continuously provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.


We only use high-quality raw materials and components from reputable suppliers, guaranteeing high quality and optimal performance of photovoltaic modules. We are unique among other manufacturers due to our wide range of photovoltaic modules with different properties and technologies.


The product line is constantly changing to provide customers with the latest technology in modern series manufacturing worldwide. Our R&D team has cutting-edge technology for continuous development to realize our products, but all products should pass internal, third-party and real-world conditions tests before we provide them to our customers. The product line has been designed to meet the current market demand for high quality and premium segments. We tune each model to be price competitive in its segment and win the competition in quality, so our esteemed customers will get what they pay for. The balance between price and quality is well-tuned in our products, resulting in less levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and higher return on investment (ROI) for you.

Industry Chain
Standard monocrystalline silicon wafers
Quality and reliable cells
State-of-the-art high-efficiency modules
Power station solutions

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