Design and Engineer Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions
First at all, Sohigh Solar is a design, engineering, and solar integration company that specializes in creating custom off-grid systems. We excel in developing both small and large scale systems for industrial customers in oil and gas, home, telecommunications, security, water pumping and management, traffic, and other sectors.

Manufacturing and Distribution of Solar Components
Secondly, we serve as a solar component supplier for a network of solar retailers, installers, contractors, and industrial end users.We carry and stock a wide range of solar components in China and Africa. We also distribute our own brand of inverter, solar panel, solar battery and so on.
Off Grid, Battery Back-Up, and Residential Power Systems

We design and engineer off grid, off grid with battery backup, and residential solar power systems. We assist installers and contractors by providing a one stop solution for products, engineering services, and project management. We also offer the technology support for our contractors and dealers.

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