Solar panel production process
35+ Full automatic production line; 60+Machine equipment 
500MW capacity per year; 
50000㎡ Workshop
New Digital Workshop
Complete Manufacturing Execution System
Each step of the production process will be recorded and included in the MES system. Strict check every step is 
rigorous and compliant

Solar Cells Screening
Color and performance selection
To ensure the production of high-quality cells, sort out unqualified products such as appearance defects, internal defects, and lack of process performance.

Solar Cell Welding
Use automatic welding machine to connect solar cells in series. All the solar panel are made by top class glass and solar cells
Automatic typesetting machine
After setting up the program according to the 
requirements of the process drawings, the
typesetting machine will automatically typeset the battery string. High precision, high efficiency, low defect rate.

Taping and connection
Connect each group of chips in series, arranged into complete solar panels.

EVA Cutting
High transmittance EVA,high gel content to provide good encapsulation and protect cells from vibration with longer durability.
EL Testing
Before and following lamination,twice testing
ensure no micro crack monitoring before final 
inspection,continuous line monitoring and 
video/photo record for each cell and panel.

After lamination,check each panels make sure that the surface of each solar panel is complete, clean and correct.

Install Frame
Adopting anodic aluminium oxide on aluminum alloy surface to ensure the non-aging feature, high mechanical strength and convenient installation of the frame.
Flash Testing
Including temperature, power, voltage, current and other related tests, ensure 0~+5W positive power tolerance

Cleaning Step
Before each solar panel is packaged, we will clean it strictly according to the indicators to ensure that each solar panel is clean and tidy

Safe Packaging
Adopt 5-layer corrugated box, stronger and more reliable, at the same time, you can also send design documents to us to support custom 

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