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Solar Mini Kits 3W

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Power(W) 3W
Model Sohigh Mini Box 3W
lamp/light 3 pcs
Brand Sohigh Solar
Voltage(V) 6V
Product Origin Guangzhou,China
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Feature of 3W mini portable solar system

The solar mini home light system is an advanced portable solar panel kits. It is pollution-free and an excellent replacement for conventional kerosene lamps and lanterns. The low cost solar panel kits can run 2pcs 6V/1W LED bulb and a cellphone charger. The solar panel kits power generated by the solar module in the daytime is stored in the battery, and it can back up the LED lamps for 15 hours.

How to charge:

The solar module should be placed outside in direct sunlight away from shade (e.g. tree, building etc…); south facing in the northern hemisphere or north facing in the southern hemisphere. Remember that shade will move as the sun moves at different times of the day. Position it so that it will not get damaged by animals or vehicles and to reduce the chance of theft.

How it works:

LED bulb lighting -The attached LED bulb can give enough brightness for kids study and do house work in the night, it is with 3M cables, you can hang it in the suitable place, the bulb can last for 15 ours after the battery fully charged, or can last for 10 hours per day's charge mobile phone charging. The solar panel kit can charge most of the popular cellphones in the market

Solar mini home light system is ideal for home, remote area/village dwelling and camping or hiking. Portable and Plug & Play.

How many ways to charge the Solar Mini Home Light System?

There are two ways to charge the Solar Panel Kits:

1. By Solar Panel, Which is included in the package.

2. By AC adaptor, The adaptor is optional, It is not included in the package, If you need, we can supply the AC adaptor.

Is this LED Solar Panel Kit built-in FM Radio?

No. This solar panel kit is only with LED bulb and cell phone charging function. If you like FM Radio, Pls check our 5W MINI Solar Home Light Kit.


Sohigh Mini Box 3W

Sohigh Mini Box 5W

Solar Panel









Charging mode

Solar & AC charging

Life time

≥3 years



Humidity requirement


Solar Charging time

5-7 hours

Mobile phone charging

USB port 5V 1000mA


illumination USB charger

illumination USB charger Radio&FM

Dimension, D x W x H (mm)



Weight (kgs)



*Product specifications are subject to change without further notice

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undefined   Tel/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-136-6893-6561
undefined   Address:Room 2801, Room 2802-2, Block B,Tianxiu Building,Guangzhou,Guangdong


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